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The hidden benefit of buying sovereign gold bonds in the secondary market

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You must take a look at the concern cost and not simply the purchasing cost when purchasing a series in the secondary market

India’s love for gold understands no bounds. While physical gold has a psychological worth to it, paper kind of gold works best for those looking for financial investment worth in it. In the continuous wedding event season, why not present sovereign gold bonds (SGBs) over gold jewellery or coins?

You can begin investing in gold bonds for your kids’s wedding event, transforming it into physical gold when the time comes. Moms and dads begin saving physical gold from the minute a kid is born– be it a woman or a kid. Choose gold bonds over it. Not just do gold bonds trade at a discount rate to the physical gold, you can purchase it in tranches, making it budget friendly for you to extend over a period. You do not have to pay additional on the making charges. There will not be any products and services tax.

Another significant advantage with SGBs is tax-free capital gains if you hold it till maturity. SGBs grow after 8 years and feature a lock-in duration of 5 years. If you desire versatility with the maturity duration and prevent lock-in, you can purchase SGBs from the secondary market too.



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SGBs are the government-backed security that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) problems several times in a year. Financiers likewise make an interest quantity of 2.5%per year paid bi-annually on their preliminary financial investment.

The main issuance of SGBs– Series VIII for the fiscal year 2021-22– has actually begun today. The concern cost has actually been repaired at 4,791 per gram with 50 discount rate if you purchase it digitally. One gram produces one system of gold bonds. Compare it with the physical gold costs, which priced estimate at 4,972 per gram in Ahmedabad on Friday.

While signing up for the main issuance has its advantages, many SGB series in the secondary market are offered at far better costs compared to the continuous series and the dominating gold rates. Should you purchase among them? You will discover quickly.

Gold bonds in the secondary market

Considering that each SGB series noted on the stock market, one can purchase systems from the BSE and NSE if one holds a demat account. As lots of as 56 series of SGBs are selling the money section of the BSE and NSE. The purchasing costs of all the series (as on Friday closing) are listed below the problem cost of the fresh series. This is normally an outcome of sellers happy to accept a discount rate in return for a fast exit from the instrument.

Should you purchase the series with the most affordable rate? Not always. You require to inspect their liquidity, particular problem costs and the interest element.

The liquidity element

Firstly, you need to understand that liquidity plays a significant function in the secondary market. You can not purchase simply any series. It needs to be liquid sufficient to fulfill your need. “If we take a look at the leading traded concerns, the typical everyday volume is around 5,000 grams,” states Sugandha Sachdeva, VP – currency & product research study, Religare Broking.

We have actually put together a list of the top 10 series with the greatest liquidity based on their one-month typical trading volume information ( see graphic)

Understand interest characteristics

SGBs provide you 2.5%interest per year paid two times a year. The interest is payable on the problem rate of a specific series, not on your purchasing cost in the secondary market. When you are purchasing a series in the secondary market, do not simply go for the most affordable trading rate. Look at the concern rates. Your purchase cost need to be lower than the concern cost.

” The requirements to choose from the offered tranches of gold bonds in the secondary market must be to search for a liquid series and most likely at a discount rate over the concern rate. It is hassle-free to buy the leading traded series and redemption would likewise be a lot easier, without much volume restraint,” states Sachdeva.

The purchasing rate of the most liquid series, SGBAUG28 V, at 4,775 is at a discount rate to its problem cost of 5,334 per system. Compare it with the fresh series that began today. The SGBAUG28 V series not just is providing you a lower purchasing cost per system, however likewise the greater interest part. The series will grow a year previously. SGBMAY29 I and SGBJUL28 IV likewise look appealing.

SGBMAY28 might not be a great option as the problem cost here is lower than its purchasing rate. While you will be getting the systems at much lower rates ( 4,68999 per system) compared to the fresh problem at 4,791, the 2.5%interest on your financial investment quantity will be much lower than what you would otherwise get if you sign up for the fresh concern. “Purchasing in the secondary market can improve the total return by using an affordable rate to the fresh problem, along with a greater yield,” states Sachdeva.

The tax

Purchasing in the secondary market likewise offers you tax benefit. The capital gains tax in SGBs is nil if you offer it on maturity, that is, after 8 years. This applies even if you purchase it in the secondary market for the recurring maturity.

” The Earnings Tax Act plainly states if you are redeeming gold bonds at maturity, the capital gains will stay tax-free. One can translate that the purchaser in the secondary market will get the tax-free treatment at redemption due to the fact that the seller has actually currently paid taxes to the federal government for the time duration throughout which he or she held it,” states Sujit Bangar, creator,

To streamline, if you purchase systems of a series in the secondary market, which will be developing after 2 years, your capital gains on maturity will still be tax-free. In case of physical gold, you need to pay short-term capital gains (STCG) tax based on your earnings tax piece rate, while long-lasting capital gains tax is imposed at 20%with indexation. SGBs in the secondary market are less checked out however use terrific worth if one purchases a liquid series with a trading rate lower than its own problem rate which of the fresh concern.

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