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Sport News – NFL Draft bold predictions: Two trade-up scenarios come to pass and neither involves the Lions at No. 3

Sport News – NFL Draft bold predictions: Two trade-up scenarios come to pass and neither involves the Lions at No. 3

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The 2020 NFL Draft is lastly here and there’s still much we don’t( which is precisely how teams choose it) know. That will not keep us from making 5 bold predictions about how the first round could unfold.

Let’s get to it.

1. Lions will not be able to trade out of the No. 3 area

Will a team trade up for Tua Tagovailoa? That’s the biggest unknown heading into the draft. It’s all however specific that the Bengals will take Joe Burrow initially general and the Redskins will follow by taking Chase Young. However things were supposed to get fascinating with the Lions on the clock at No. 3.

As it works out, Detroit needs to win now or coach Matt Patricia and basic manger Bob Quinn might be looking for work in a year’s time, and the quickest method to turn things around is to include as lots of brand-new faces as possible. And while taking cornerback Jeff Okudah or defensive tackle Derrick Brown third overall would fill huge requirements on defense, neither player alone will suffice to take the Lions from three-win dissatisfactions to an eight or nine-win outfit.

But here’s where things get intriguing: Whether it’s the just-before-the-draft obfuscating or something closer to truth, there’s a circumstance in which there isn’t much of a market for that No. 3 selection. If the Dolphins have concerns about Tagovailoa’s medicals– whether it’s the hip injury, the 2 ankle injuries that preceded it, or his general toughness– they might select instead to stay put and draft Justin Herbert at No. 5. And depending on just how much the Chargers like Herbert, they could have a great shot of landing him at No. 4, where the Giants presently live, which minimizes any take advantage of the Lions may have. (Whatever takes place, it is necessary to keep in mind that Herbert will require a year on the bench, so it’s not like he’ll can be found in and instantly make a distinction on the field.)

There’s also the possibility that the Dolphins choose to deal with the offending line at No. 5, and possibly package some mix of choices No. 18, 26 and those two second-rounders to move up and get a quarterback.

The bright side is that even if the Lions are required to stay put, Okudah and Brown are top-five skills and will enhance the defense from Day 1. The problem, as we stated above, is that Patricia and Quinn do not have time for a reclamation project; they have to win right now, and with fewer picks in this draft that ends up being harder.

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A team trades up for a large receiver

Here’s the talking point we have actually heard given that the fall: This draft class is so incredibly deep that groups can discover playmakers well into Day 3.

Here are our top 10 wide receivers in the 2020 NFL Draft:

1. Michael Pittman

You can make a case that 8 of them could be first-rounders, but lots of fewer than that are legit No. 1 large receivers.

And given that Lamb won’t be on the board when the Eagles choose two-thirds the way through Round 1, they’ll have to move up to get him.’s Cody Benjamin set out five ways Philly could go up and land a wideout. The takeaway: It won’t come inexpensive but if, state, Lamb, is viewed as a game-changing talent by the Eagles, then it’s worth it– particularly offered how injuries and inexperience plagued the pass receiver corps down the stretch last season.

3. Fewer than five wide receivers go in preliminary

Here’s the mathematics: There are plenty of groups aiming to get better at wide receiver. As we discussed above, there may just be 2-3 No. 1 choices in this group. CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs are, in different ways, special talents. Justin Jefferson is mostly a slot receiver, Denzel Mims and Brandon Aiyuk are raw, Reagor and Hamler are small and need to play with more consistency, Shenault has injury issues, and Pittman does a lot of things well however is probably destined for Round 2.

Put another way: Lamb, Jeudy and Ruggs will go in Round 1, and we would not be amazed if only another name was called. Since for as much as groups wish to get better on the outdoors, more want to boost their offending and/or defensive lines, their secondary and, obviously, the quarterback position. And if Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs are currently off the board, the Raiders, Packers or Vikings might look in other places in Round 1.

4. Only four offending deals with enter preliminary

Every year offensive linemen are overdrafted, and for great reason: The offense pertains to a grinding halt if you can’t safeguard the quarterback. Like wide receivers, this offensive deal with class is a deep one, but there’s a drop-off after the top 4. Jedrick Wills, Tristan Wirfs, Mekhi Becton and Andrew Thomas will all likely start as novices, but after that, things get interesting.

Josh Jones, Ezra Cleveland, Austin Jackson and Isaiah Wilson are all actually good gamers who likewise have defects that might provide groups stop briefly when it concerns calling their name amongst the very first 32 picks. Not surprisingly, teams that need offensive tackle help outstrips the supply of those offensive tackles: Giants (No. 4 pick), Dolphins (No. 5, No. 18, No. 26), Chargers (No. 6), Panthers (No. 7), Cardinals (No. 8), Jaguars (No. 9, No. 20), Browns (No. 10), Jets (No. 11), Buccaneers (No. 14) and Broncos (No. 15)– which’s just the top half of the preliminary.

But if Wills, Wirfs, Becton and Thomas are off the board, teams– beginning with the Browns at No. 10– might be looking to either trade down or take a gamer higher on their board. Cleveland, for example, may miss out on one of the previously mentioned offensive deals with, however have Isaiah Simmons be up to them, and they ‘d gladly scoop him and circle back later in the draft to deal with the offending line. Exact same for the Jets and Broncos, who might concentrate on a pass receiver while the Panthers and Jaguars might target a protective lineman or cornerback.

Then there are the Buccaneers …

5. Buccaneers will trade up for an offensive take on

We have actually set out above how a team selecting in the middle of the first round may be out of alternatives when it concerns landing a Day 1 starter at offending deal with. The most glaring example: the Buccaneers, whose beginning quarterback is Tom Brady, who will be 43 years of ages when the routine season gets underway. As it stands, the Bucs do not have a right deal with on the depth chart after Joe Haeg, the free-agent signing who was above average last season for the Colts however was something less than that throughout his very first three NFL seasons.

If the Bucs are serious about securing Brady (and we can’t imagine they’re not), there’s a decent possibility that the top four offending lineman are off the board when they go on the clock at No.14 Ideally, one of those deals with would fall to them and then they might deal with, in some order, wide receiver and running back with their 2nd and third-round selections. Tampa may have to give up that 2nd or third-rounder to move up a number of areas to ensure they land Wills, Wirfs, Becton or Thomas. If not, the group could concentrate on, say, getting a defensive tackle (Javon Kinlaw could be there), discovering an offending deal with in Round 2, and taking the very best available WR or RB a round after that.

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