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Granderson: Clayton Kershaw elaborates on his Juneteenth message

Granderson: Clayton Kershaw elaborates on his Juneteenth message

John Carlos and Tommie Smith standing on the podium, arms raised, fists clenched, heads bowed.

Peter Norman, the white man from Australia who captured silver, did the unanticipated– he selected to stand not just near them however with them, and put on an Olympic Project for Human Rights badge as a program of solidarity.

This world has always required more white professional athletes like Peter Norman.

” Silence won’t cut it,” he tweeted.

The Dodgers organization didn’t compose this for him nor did the front office ask him to post anything.

” My entire career, I have not been very vocal on various issues since I didn’t feel that social networks was the right platform,” he stated in a Friday early morning interview with The Times. “Words can just do so much. You really need to be action-based. I spoke with my Black teammates and my Black coaches and they generally told me, ‘Your silence is speaking volumes right now’. That truly hit me.”

He swears that the tweet is not a one-off.

” I talked with my Black colleagues and my Black coaches and they essentially informed me, ‘Your silence is speaking volumes right now’. That actually strike me.”

— Clayton Kershaw

” To be a white person and not say anything, I actually felt like more and more that I was a part of the issue.

To be sure, Kershaw has actually been a favorable modification representative throughout his 12- year MLB career.

Clayton Kershaw with then-MLB chief Bud Selig, wife Ellen and Vera Clemente after winning the Robert Clemente Award.

Clayton Kershaw, seen here after winning the 2012 Roberto Clemente Award for his charitable contributions, is addressing the call on fighting systemic bigotry.

( Patrick Semansky/ Associated Press)

To his point, nevertheless, he’s never before done anything close to denouncing systemic racism or motivating other white professional athletes to do the exact same.

Seven minutes 46 seconds.

That’s more than half a quarter of play in the NBA.

That’s nearly two rounds in the home run derby.

Who sees Floyd calling for his mother in the final, asphyxiated minutes of his life and believes: I’ll sit this one out?

A great deal of individuals, and it’s irritating. And, sadly, foregone conclusion. Today the sports world is falling all over itself letting fans understand it’s now acknowledging Juneteenth as if it’s the current TikTok fad and not a century-and-half-old holiday that they either didn’t formerly care to learn about or ignored altogether.

Don’t get me incorrect, I applaud the gestures, I simply wonder why it took a pandemic, an overall sports shutdown, and a number of dreadful deaths captured on smartphones to get league executives to care enough about the freedom of Black people to commemorate it.

” We can’t simply relax,” Kershaw stated. “As white athletes or white individuals in general with platforms, it’s very crucial that we listen to our Black colleagues and Black good friends, let them teach us what we can do and more than anything be a voice and attempt to promote as much modification as we can. I understand that’s a great deal of words still, however for us to see concrete change the very first thing we can do is become aware and promote awareness.”

At the 1968 Olympics, U.S. athletes Tommie Smith, center, and John Carlos, right, protest. At left is Peter Norman.

When Tommie Smith, center, and John Carlos raised their fists throughout “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the 1968 Summer Olympics, Peter Norman didn’t simply stand near the pair, he stood with them.

( Associated Press)

Awareness. Kershaw is originally from Texas, where on June 19, 1865, the final group of servants were warned that they had been emancipated 2 1/2 years earlier. Kershaw regreted not knowing about his house state’s location in the story of Juneteenth. Or the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Or a litany of other monumental events or issues connected to this country’s racial history.

I do question if Kershaw can go house again– or to a house that will receive him the same method– having publicly acknowledged that lives like mine matter. Peter Norman could not. He was called an embarrassment to the country and a traitor to his race. His times were good enough to qualify for the 1972 Olympics however Australia’s officials arbitrarily stated they were not, all since he attempted to acknowledge the humankind of individuals who appear like John Carlos and Tommie Smith. People who look like Arbery, Taylor and Floyd. LeBron and Mookie. Shaq and Kobe. Kareem and all the beloved, renowned L.A. figures whose Black bodies had the ability to bring the city a lot joy just due to the fact that their Black bodies endured a system that didn’t care if they lived or died.

This world has actually always required more white athletes like Peter Norman. Clayton Kershaw has chosen to answer the call.

” I’ve heard a great deal of various things that haven’t been taught in school like Juneteenth,” Kershaw said. “I do not know why these things weren’t taught but I’m going to use my platform to bring awareness and I understand the [Dodgers] company is going to use its platform for good too.”

Can’t tell you how excellent it feels understanding players, stars, like Kershaw get it. How many other voices in baseball, or in every sport, will take his hint and acknowledge that it’s doesn’t fall exclusively on Black professional athletes to be the only faces using their platforms to eliminate racial injustice.

Remember, Peter Norman didn’t simply put on a pin in 1968, he selected a side. Clayton Kershaw has actually chosen a side.

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