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Competition of Champions Pt. 1

– From She-Ra to Mothra, nerds are passionate about a lot of things, but there's something they love above all else, and that is correcting people. This is “Um, Actually.” (upbeat music plays) Joining us today, we have Shane Crown.

– Hello there. – [Mike] We have John Gutz Gutierrez. – Qapla'. – And Ally Beardsley. – Put that thing back where it came from or so help me. (everyone laughs) – We don't have the rights for that! We don't have the rights for that! We don't have the rights for that! Well, here is a fun thing about this episode is that all three of you at some point have either won an episode of “Um, Actually” or tied for first in “Um, Actually.

” And that's gonna be the case for our next two episodes as well. The winner of this episode will face those winners in a final tournament of champions. Tournament of champions! Well, you've all been here before.

You've all won one before, so you know what's going on here. But in case you don't, these are incorrect statements about the things that you know and love. It's up to you to buzz in and correct me. Your corrections will be preceded by the phrase “um, actually,” and you can interrupt me whenever you want.

How's everyone feeling? – Pretty good. – Confident. – Fearful I'd say. Going up against champions. – Champions in very large quotes. (everyone laughs) – Who knows who you were competing against last time you won.

It could have been a bunch of dumb dumbs. Don't roll tape. Don't imply that I called anyone a dumb dumb. We will roll right into it then with our first question. – Bring it, Trapp. – I will bring it. I'll bring it straight to you.

– I wasn't prepared for someone bringing it. (everyone laughs) – It is 5:00 AM and I am on one. – I've lived my whole life not bringing it. Very mild mannered. That's kind of why I like a lot of this stuff.

So if someone's gonna be bringing it- – Bring it! – Okay, here we go. – I just do this all sports. Hands on knees! Bring it! – Female Smurfs are extremely rare in the Smurf village. In fact, the original animated series has only three female Smurfs: Smurfette, Sassette, and Nanny Smurf.

This is because female Smurfs are born only once every 30 years. (bell chimes) – Um, actually, there's a mama Smurf. – Mama Smurf. (Mike laughs) – There's a Papa Smurf. Isn't there a Mama Smurf? – You'd think that's a nice parallelism, but no, Papa Smurf is just, he's a single Papa.

– Oh yeah, I remember that episode where they really dive into him eating alone. – A very special episode. – Off of his stomach. – He's got like a wife beater on. His hat is like hung up in the corner.

Just like, “I don't know.” – Eating noodles. – Brainy Smurf I think is the only one who's gonna make it in the world. (Mike and Ally laugh) No, no, that is incorrect. (bell chimes) Shane beat Gutz to it.

– Um, actually, there are only two female Smurfs. – No, that is incorrect. (bell chimes) Gutz. – Um, actually, Smurfs aren't born, and Smurfette and the female Smurfs weren't born either. And Nana Smurf I can't remember the origins of, but Sassette and Smurfette were both created by Gargamel's magic.

So, they're not born every 30 years. – That is correct for the most part. I think there might be some errors in there, but you have what I was going for, which is that Smurfette was created by Gargamel, is not born.

Sassette I think was actually created by other Smurfs who were using Gargamel's magic. But female Smurfs specifically have to be created by magic in order to exist. – Problematic Smurfs. – Oh yeah. (everyone laughs) Definitely.

– I remember reading that Peyo was really sexist during the creation of the Smurfs. – Yes. – And they asked him like, “We need to come up with stuff that Smurfette can do.” And then he was like, “Why? “I mean, she already tempts the other Smurfs “and causes problems, that's enough.

” – Oh my God. – And then they're like, “Well, they need to be more proactive.” And he's like, “What? “Is she a gym teacher?” – Oh my God. – Yeah. Yeah, lots of problems there. Well, that is a point for Gutz on deep Smurf lore.

So, we will move on now. This is kind of a general sci-fi, alien related question. A recurring feature of alien invasion stories is the discovery of a banal weakness of otherwise invincible aliens. In the “Animorphs” series, Yeerks are driven insane with addiction if exposed to instant maple and ginger oatmeal, the aliens in “Mars Attacks” are weak to the selenium in Head and Shoulders shampoo, and the aliens in “Signs” are destroyed when they come in contact with water.

(bell chimes) Gutz. – The aliens in “Mars Attacks” are not a weak to Head and Shoulders shampoo. They're weak to the yodeling of, I believe, Whalin' Jennings or country music. – I don't believe you said “um, actually.

” Is that correct? – Oh! – Oh no! – So, I'm not going to say anything. I'm not gonna reveal whether or not you're correct or not, but I cannot give you the point. Shane. – Um, actually, the aliens in “Mars Attacks” (laughs) are weak to music.

I think it's just music. – Gutz was more accurate than you are. But you said “um, actually.” This feels like a travesty. – Um, actually, in “Sign.” (everyone laughs) – You're just like, “They're definitely way wrong.

” – They're both way off. Let me clean this up, okay? Um, actually. – Gosh, what is just here? What is just and right in this screwy, screwy world? ‘Cause Gutz was certainly more correct, but, well, what you said was not wrong.

I guess, Shane, you get the point. This feels bad, but here we are. – I don't know why I changed it either. (everyone laughs) I was like, “Let me see if I can be more right.” – “Let's see if I can be more right by being less specific.

” – I was trying to justify stealing the point 'cause I felt bad about stealing the point. I was like, “Oh, if I steal it, “I can at least add something to it.” – It's like a dumb high schooler, like, learning what plagiarism is for the first time where it's like, “If I change one word, that's fine.

” No. Well, I'm going to give you the point. It is the aliens in “Mars Attacks” are weak to a very specific song. It is a yodeling country song, but that the song is Slim Whitman's “Indian Love Call.” You got the specific name wrong.

You just said music, which is generally untrue. But it was true that it was a specific song. I guess I'll give you the point although- – I said just music. (everyone laughs) – I believe it was just music.

– Well, we'll still give you the point. A spiritual point for Gutz which doesn't mean anything, but you can at least have the satisfaction that you were a little bit closer than Shane was. – We're all tied up I guess.

All three of us. – Well, here is a question. Here's a video game related question for all of y'all. Some of the most famous Nintendo characters are named after real people. Mario was named after Mario Segale who was Nintendo America's warehouse landlord.

Kirby is named for American lawyer John Kirby who defended Nintendo in a lawsuit. Princess Zelda was named after artist Zelda Flannery who created several iconic Nintendo game covers. (bell chimes) Yes, Ally.

– Um, actually, Kirby was not named after a lawyer. Kirby was named after… Something else That the one that's wrong. – No, in fact Kirby was named after American lawyer John Kirby. But you can look at Kirby and see that guy looks like a lawyer, right? (everyone laughs) – I do feel like I had a shirt of Kirby holding a briefcase.

(Mike laughs) – If you were like, if you got arrested, and you were like, “I need a lawyer. “You gotta send someone.” And then, like, Kirby walked in. – I'd be like, “Fuck yeah!” – Just sucks it. (everyone laughs) Grows a judge's wig and has a little gavel.

– This sounds great. – I'm gonna be all right. – They've gotta make Kirby legal games. – Kirby Law and Order. – In the criminal justice system. No, that is incorrect. (everyone laughs) (bell chimes) Gutz.

– Zelda wasn't named after- – You gotta say “um, actually” my man! (everyone laughs) You're killing me! – I just went through a traumatic learning experience. (everyone laughs) – I'm gonna have a heart attack.

It's 5:00 AM, Gutz! (everyone laughs) – I've forgotten the lessons of the show already. Um, actually, Zelda wasn't named after that artist, she was named after 1920s Zelda Fitzgerald. – That's entirely correct.

You were ending with a bit of a guess, but yeah. Zelda Flannery is just a name I made up. It's not an artist who did a thing. And in fact Zelda was named after, yeah, 1920s wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald.

– Wow. – Makes me really want a flappers of Hyrule. Like, Zelda addition. Like, it's all set in, like, 1920s jazz age America. – You must assemble the parts of the Algonquin round table. (everyone laughs) – Bunch of fairies with, like, long cigarette holders.

– Hot. – That's a point for Gutz. You gotta watch out for those “um, actually”s. Ally's not gonna look out for you. – I can't protect you much longer! (everyone laughs) – Someday you'll be all grown up and I won't be around to protect you.

– I gotta go to work, son. (everyone laughs) – Well, we will move on to our next statement here. Kubrick's “2001: A Space Odyssey,” based on the Arthur C. Clark novel of the same name, takes place largely on Discovery One, a spacecraft controlled almost entirely by the computer HAL 9,000.

(bell chimes) Shane. – Um, actually, the name of the ship is not Discovery One. – What is the name of the ship? – Oh no, I thought you were gonna ask something like that. – Yeah. – The name of the ship is Curiosity 12.

– Well, I'll say that's not what's wrong with it. I just wanted to see what you would guess. (everyone laughs) I wanted to see if you would have a nice fun answer for what a spaceship might be. So, no, it is in fact called the Discovery One.

(bell chimes) Gutz. – Um, actually. Thank you. (everyone laughs) It's not based on the book by Arthur C. Clarke. Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick developed the story together and neither of them based it on each other, they just came out at the same time.

– That's correct, yeah. The screenplay and the novel were written simultaneously, and they both shared authorship credits on it. – Fuck, that's crazy. – I know. They just worked on it both together. – It's a movie novelization.

– It is an ouroboros of a novel based on a movie and a movie based on a novel. They both orbit each other. – It was just born from nothing. – It just came to be. That is another point for Gutz. And this brings us to our first shiny question.

(harp music plays) (upbeat music blares) Now shiny questions, like shiny Pokemon, worth the same umber of points. Just a little bit different, a little bit rarer. Although as one of our viewers pointed out, it is not the exact same rarity at which shiny Pokemon occur.

It is far more common than the rarity of shiny Pokemon. We're not changing anything. But thank you for that. (everyone laughs) These are technological sounds across parts of sci-fi. It's up to you to identify the piece of technology that you're hearing when you hear these sounds.

Whoever can identify the most bits of tech will get the one point for the shiny question. Cool? – Cool. – Great. – Great. Let's hear that first sound. (magical whirring sounds) (bell chimes) – I believe that's the next generation transporter from “Star Trek The Next Generation.

” – I didn't even need that much specificity. I was just looking for the transporter energizer but yeah, yeah, yeah. That is in fact what that is. And I normally preface this, for shiny questions you don't have to say “um, actually.

” You didn't anyway, but it's still fine. It's a shiny question. I'm saying it just 'cause I'm not gonna be here forever. Someday you're gonna be on your own. – I gotta go to work! – You're gonna be correcting someone and I won't be there.

And I need to know- – I work in a security shack! (everyone laughs) – Let's play the second sound here. The second sound. (magical whirring sound) (bell chimes) Shane. – This is the alien sound from “War of the Worlds.

” – It is not the alien sound from “War of the Worlds.” – Um, actually. Just covering my bases. That's a lightsaber. – It is a lightsaber, yeah. Keepin' it real simple. – Why did my brain hear it differently? (everyone laughs) – Stupid brain, hearing things differently.

Let's hear the third sound. What is this? (magical beeping sound) (bell chimes) Gutz. – The Tardis? – That is the Tardis. Yes, that is the sound of the Tardis. Let's hear the fourth sound. (harsh magical whirring sound) (bell chimes) Shane.

– That's just metal being cut. (everyone laughs) – The amazing technology of metal workers. This is for the metal workers of America. We appreciate the technology you use every day building our skyscrapers and our homes.

No, that is not correct. Gutz. – I was gonna say it's the constant screaming that's in my head all the time. But proton packs from “Ghostbusters?” – It is the proton packs from “Ghostbusters.” Yes, it is.

– This is wild. (everyone laughs) I think I won because I tied once on a zero zero with Zack and here I am, 5:00 AM, I tucked my kids in right before I came to work this morning. – Ready to get slaughtered! – One thing is you'll always be there for me, right? – Yeah, I'll always be there for you.

In a way it's like, we're both winning. – You're, we're a team. – We're a team. This last one. Let me just guess ahead of time. – There's two more. Let's play the second to last one here. (squeaking sound) (bell chimes) Shane.

– Those are the doors in “Star Trek.” – Those are the doors in “Star Trek,” yes. The amazing technology of doors that open automatically in “Star Trek.” – Or just a person behind the set. – It's the labor of a stagehand.

(everyone laughs) – We appreciate our stagehands here at “Um, Actually” for opening our doors and moving all our things. Let's play the last sound here. (magical whirring sound) (bell chimes) Gutz. – I believe that's a Cylon from the original “Battlestar Galactica.

” – That's a Cylon from the original “Battlestar Galactica.” – Good God. (everyone laughs) Damn! – Out of six sounds, five of those were identified by Gutz, one by Shane Crown. Allie, I'm sorry to say- – You know.

(everyone laughs) Have I seen even any of those shows? No. (everyone laughs) – But do I know those sounds? For sure. – For sure I know the sounds. – Just a little slow on the buzzer. That happens sometimes.

It's early. It's 3:00 AM. – It's 3:00 AM! – It keeps getting earlier. Gosh, it's yesterday already. Well, I think it's pretty fair to say that is a point for Gutz. Point for Gutz on this first shiny question.

Well, it wouldn't be “Um, Actually” if you weren't correcting me. Here are our favorite corrections from you. @SuitUpAndGame says, “Um, actually, there was a Nintendo piano. “The Miracle Piano had games on the NES and the SNES “featuring a working piano.

“It was on Apple Macintosh, Amiga, “Sega Genesis, and PC as well. “But the piano had an official Nintendo Seal of Quality.” One point for you, and one point for anyone who also pointed out that Switch Labo thing.

And from our dropout discord, SkyBison said, “Um, actually, in the poem The Jabberwocky, “the creature is a jubjub bird, not a jubjub beast.” That's right. I was actually thinking of “The Simpsons” adaptation of “The Jabberwocky” in which Selma has a jubjub beast which is of course her pet iguana.

One point for you. I'm sorry. And LiamWhite181 says, “Um, actually, you guys said a tuba for bamf “and then mimed a trombone, “just to be a shitty little asshole “who loves his instruments.” Well, you are a shitty little asshole, and you get a shitty little point.

A comics question for ya. In DC Comics' “Kingdom Come,” Wonder Woman and Superman ask Batman to be the godfather of their expected child while meeting at The Justice Luncheonette, a theme restaurant where waiters dress as famous superheroes and offer kitschy menu items such as Mixyzptlk Mozzarella, Starro the Casserole, and the Man of Beef steak.

– All that sounds so silly. (everyone laughs) (bell chimes) – What's the silliest thing in there? Yeah, Ally. – Um, actually, it's not called kitchenette. – What? (Ally hums questioningly) No- (everyone laughs) What were you saying? – Now I'm wondering if I misheard it.

What's the luncheon? – The Justice Luncheonette? And you're saying? – And what's it called? – What? – Who was it made by? – What are you saying? – Um, actually. – Yes. (Ally laughs) – It wasn't the justice luncheon.

– That's correct. I mean, you're still not saying the right word. I said The Justice Luncheonette. It is incorrect. That is not what it's actually called. – Yes, and it is called kitchenette. (everyone laughs) It's called KitchenAid, and it's a standing mixer.

– You just throw a bunch of superheroes in there, you turn it on, and you get the Avengers or Justice League. I'm sorry, fucking nerds! You're correct, it's not called The Justice Luncheonette. – I know I'm right.

I came into this room ready to spearfish. – Okay. Now, I desperately want to give you a point, but Gutz has buzzed in. I kind of want to see if he actually knows- – Is it KitchenAid? – It's not called KitchenAid.

– I'm unsure. I'm on the fence. – Yeah, it's not either of those. I will give you the point unless Shane or Gutz can tell me the actual name of the diner that they were in. – Um, actually, it's a theme restaurant called Planet Krypton.

– That's correct. – God damn it! (everyone laughs) I heard kitchenette. But I meant Planet Krypton. – Do you want a point? – No, no, no, no. – I could give you a point. – No, it's 3:30 now. (everyone laughs) – Yes, they didn't meet at The Justice Luncheonette.

They met at a theme restaurant called Planet Krypton that was an awful lot like Planet Hollywood, but was instead like a sort of, like, superhero themed kind of Planet Hollywood thing. – What the fuck? And wait, the whole premise of the meeting was what? Batman's gonna be the godfather of their child? – That's correct, yeah.

– That's funny. – I mean, who better than Batman? If I could let Batman be the godfather of my child- – I mean, yes. I'm, like, who goes to a themed kitchen restaurant to be like, will you be the godfather? – You would expect- – We're both surely gonna die.

We have very dangerous jobs. This is essentially your kid now. – Yeah, you would think they would go to, like, a real classy restaurant. – Steakhouse. – Also it's, like, it's Batman. It's like, that guy's got money.

You know he's, like, he's not impressed by this shit. Like, yeah, come on down to the Cheesecake Factory. We have to ask you a very important question about, yeah. Well, it's a point for Gutz. Kind of for Ally.

A spiritual point for Ally. – A spiritual point, yeah. Thank you. – So, you are tied with Gutz for spiritual points. – Great, oh, cool. – Are you stressed right now? Probably, right? Do you experience anxiety, chronic pain? Do you have trouble sleeping? Probably, at least one of those, right? I personally have trouble sleeping.

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Back to the show! Here's the next question. – It's one in the morning. (Ally and Mike laugh) – [Mike] Roald Dahl is probably best known for his original work, but he also wrote several screenplays based on the work of Ian Fleming, including “You Only Live Twice,” “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” and “Octopussy.

” (bell chimes) Shane. – Um, actually, Ian Fleming wrote “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” – Ian Fleming wrote the book “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Roald Dahl did in fact write one of the drafts of the screenplay.

So, what I said was correct there. – They weren't written at the same time? – They weren't written at the same time. (everyone laughs) Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming sitting down and being like, “What's the deal with this car?” – Fuckin' intelligence.

– The magic car. Very strange. “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” written by Ian Fleming. But true, true. Gutz. – I don't, um, actually. – Yes. – I don't think Roald Dahl wrote “Octopussy.” That was one of the later Roger Moore ones.

So I think it was passed the time Roald Dahl was writing screenplays. – That's correct. Roald Dahl did not write the draft to “Octopussy.” He did however write a draft of the screenplay of “You Only Live Twice.

” So, yeah. Lots of weird stuff going on there. Ian Fleming wrote the book “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Roald Dahl wrote a screenplay “For You Only Live Twice.” – Explains the chocolate factory scene. (everyone laughs) – And it's one of the most racist James Bonds which is saying something really.

But that's the one where Sean Connery is turned Japanese and lives as a Japanese man for awhile. – No way. – Yeah, it's really horrifying. – Yeah, but you're right. It does explain the chocolate factory scene.

(everyone laughs) – I've always wondered about that. – “Now 007, you've gotta retrieve this microfiche “from the chocolate factory. “Now I must warn you, the owner is trying to kill you.” That's a point for Gutz, identifying that Roald Dahl did not write “Octopussy.

” Here's a “Harry Potter” question for y'all. In “Harry Potter,” wizards do not choose the form their corporeal Patronus takes and the form never changes, since the Patronus represents something intrinsic to the wizard's personality.

Harry shares his Patronus with his father, a stag. Remus Lupin's Patronus is a wolf. And Draco Malfoy's Patronus doesn't exist because he can't make one. (bell chimes) Shane. – Um, actually, Lupin's Patronus was not a wolf.

– Does that feel a little too on the nose? – It felt a little on the nose. – Well, that is correct. I mean, it is correct what I've said. You are not correct. Remus Lupin's Patronus is a wolf. He's a werewolf with a wolf- – There's something intrinsic to Lupin about a wolf.

– Sure, there might something about him that is a little wolf-like. – Some wolf-like qualities. – It could be his name, the fact that he turns into a wolf, and many other things. But yeah, that is the case.

He's just wolf all over. – Yeah, he never had a chance. (everyone laughs) – [Mike] Ally. – Um, actually… And correct me if I'm wrong. – I will. – That's what this show's all about. – This show could be called “Correct Me If I'm Wrong.

” – You said your Patronus can't change, but someone's did. – That's correct. Yeah. – And I wish I could be like, “In the third book,” but yeah. – I'll give you the point. You wanna take a stab at it? – Fuck yeah! – Do you wanna take a stab? Just guessing who it might've been? – No.

– Okay. (everyone laughs) – No, I can't think. – Gutz, do you know? – Was it Snape's? Was it that his Patronus I think changed to a doe because of his love for Lily Potter, I think at the end. – You're correct that Snape's is a doe, which is also related to Lily Potter.

And it's a similar kind of theme thing you're going for, but it was actually Tonks. Tonks used to be a rabbit, and her Patronus changed into a wolf, reflecting once again, her love of the wolfiest guy around Remus Lupin, who is just, man, that dude is like, you know how there's like horse girls? That's a wolf guy.

It's like, he's got a bunch of Lisa Frank folders that just wolves all over. – Wolf shirt. – He's doodling in class just wolves. – I watched, like, a documentary about wolves and got so obsessed with them as a kid that I made a den out of blankets, and my mom would give me my food on the ground.

(everyone laughs) Which honestly shout out Crystal Beardsley. That must've felt very weird. – You really, really supported me a lot. – I would howl thank you. – Sliding things. (Ally laughs) What would be the worst Patronus you think to, like, if you were like learning the spell and you nailed it and then it was like, “Ah, here it is.

” – A snail! (everyone laughs) I guess I'll just carry this. It's not gonna follow me. – Cool, glad I summoned this thing. – Sad that Tonks had to change her Patronus when she got married. Just the patriarchy in the Wizarding World.

– I guess I'm his now. – Why isn't my Patronus a ball and chain while we're at it. (everyone laughs) – Point for Ally. A point for Ally. – Fuck yeah! – Hell yeah. Ally on the board. And this next question is our second shiny question, which is a game that we call Sp'el Ling Bi.

(harp music plays) (upbeat music blares) Spelling in English is hard enough. Spelling in sci-fi and fantasy even harder. So, we're gonna give you a name of something from science fiction or fantasy. First person to spell it correctly will get the point.

Your word is Paarthurnax. Paarthurnax. Dragon from Skyrim. (bell chimes) Paarthurnax is your word. – P. – I'm not gonna tell you if you're right along the way. This is a spelling bee. – But I am gonna maintain eager eye contact.

– I'm gonna see if I can- – P. A. R. T. H. E. R. N-A-X-X. – Incorrect. – Fuck! (Ally laughs) We did share a moment, right? A hot mome. – “They're always spelling Paarthurnax wrong “on my fuckin' coffee.

” – P. – Maintain the eye contact! – P. A. R. T-H. J. E-R-N-A-X. – Incorrect. – Wow. – It's Nordic. (everyone laughs) – You don't know that. – Paarthurnax. P-A-R-T-H. A-N-A-X? – That is incorrect. Sorry, no points for this one.

The correct spelling of Paarthurnax is P-A-A-R-T-H-U-R-N-A-X. – Wow. – Double A in Paarthurnax. – Think of that sad dragon trying to find a name tag at like a key chain store. – “Paarthurnax with one A?” – “That's not how I spell it.

“It's a Caitlin problem. “Like, you spell it a bunch of different ways. “But this is how I spell Paarthurnax.” – I spell Caitlin with two As, and everyone hates me. (everyone laughs) – Hey, we make mistakes here too.

If you notice something that we got wrong, you can tweet us @UmActuallyShow and tell us. We might even give you a point. Here is a question about Marvel Comics. One notable villain yet to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is MODOK.

While MODOK was originally an acronym for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, there have been other versions with different specializations. These include MODOT, Mobile Organism Designed Only for Talking, MODOG, Mobile Organism Designed Only for Gambling, and MODORD, Mental Organism Designed Only for Roller Derby.

(bell chimes) – Um, actually, MODOG was just a dog version. (everyone laughs) – You're the MO now dog! (everyone laughs) MODOG was not a dog, but you have identified the thing that is wrong here, which is that MODOG, there's something wrong with MODOG on the list.

It's not a dog. You were joking around. So I will give you a chance if you want to try to identify what's wrong with MODOG. All I can think of is MODOG as, like, a dog riding around. (everyone laughs) – On a moped? (everyone laughs) – G is for gifting.

That's a good gift. – You've once again identified what's wrong with it, which is that the G is not what it's supposed to stand for, but it's not gifting. I feel like I've given you a lot of chances here.

Ally. – Um, actually, the G must stand for… Grace. – Mobile Organism Designed Only for Grace? Just saying grace. Evil villain who's just very pleased with the spread that was laid out before them. – Garbage.

– That's not garbage. (everyone laughs) You know what? I'll give it to Shane for identifying where the wrong thing was even if he couldn't get it. I said that MODOG was a Mobile Organism Designed Only for Gambling.

In fact, a MODOG was designed only for genocide. – Whoa! – A little less fun than God or grace or gambling. Or dogs, just the good ol' dog. The other ones are true, including MODORD who is the Mental Organism Designed Only for Roller Derby.

– I feel like every animator just draws, like, a woman in the middle of a sex act. And then throws clothes on them and is like, “This is how women fall.” (everyone laughs) – “It's the only way I see women, right? “Right, guys? “I wouldn't know it any other way.

” – “I'm gonna draw a woman cumming in “and be like this is her scaling a building.” (everyone laughs) – And we will move on. Here is a “Game of Thrones” question. The world of “Game of Thrones” is populated with a variety of fantasy creatures.

Most of us know the fire-breathing dragons and massive direwolves, but there are other creatures mentioned in the series, like ship destroying giant squids called krakens, scorpion-tailed lions called manticores, and predatory felines called shadowcats.

(bell chimes) Yes. – Um, actually, direwolves are not a fantasy creature. They were real creatures that are just now extinct. – I guess… – [Fact Checker] I don't know. He's kind of right. He's kind of right.

– I leave it to the experts. – There's something else. Ally. – Um, actually, it's not shadowcats. It's shadow felines. (Mike laughs) – No, that's incorrect. Shadowcats are mentioned. They are a thing in “Game of Thrones.

” Shane coming in again. You got something else to say? – Um, actually, they're not called manticores. They're called chimeras. (Mike laughs) The lion creature with the tail. – Yes, the lion creature with a tail.

You're talking about chimeras. That is not what we're going for. Although you have identified where the issue is which it is with the manticores. You know what? Fuck it. Shane just take your point. Take it.

In “Game of Thrones,” there are things that are called manticores but those are not manticores as we know them. They are like scorpion-like insects that can be as big as lobsters. Like, these big, poisonous, like, scorpion things.

– They use it in an assassination attempt on Dani. – Yes, they do. Yes, that was a manticore. There's at least one house of Dorn that has the manticore as, like, it's sigil. It is a thing that's existed.

It's mentioned multiple times, and it's just needlessly confusing that they would call that a manticore when it's in a fantasy world, and we know fantasy manticores to be something else. Something George R.

Martin loves to do. Just being like, let's change the spelling of sir for no reason. Let's make manticore something else. And let's just fuck people over. – The centaurs are just fish. (everyone laughs) – Well this brings us to our final shiny question of the game.

This is a game called order up. (harp music plays) (upbeat music blares) On the other side of these boards, there is a collection of things that should exist within a series. I'm gonna ask you to place them in their correct order.

Whoever can find the correct order will get the point. These are “Planet of the Ape” movies. There have been a lot of “Planet of the Ape” movies. I want you to place them in order that they were released, not the order that they occur chronologically within the story.

– Now I've gotta redo 'em. (Mike laughs) – Obviously like a little bit of hints there just looking at production values on the covers. But that can only get you so far. Again, this is the order in which these movies were released, not the order that the storyline plays out in.

Okay, so Shane, why don't you tell us our titles here going down the line? – So we have the original “Planet of the Apes” “Beneath the Planet of the Apes,” which I know is the second one. Then it gets hazy.

(everyone laughs) I have “Battle for Planet of the Apes,” “Escape from Planet of the Apes,” “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.” Then the weird Tim Burton one, then “Rise,” “Dawn,” and “War.” – You have six in their correct spots.

Three of them are jumbled around. – I wonder which ones. – It could be the part where you said it gets a little hazy. Well, let's go ahead. Let's see what Gutz got. – Okay. “Planet of the Apes,” “Beneath the Planet of the Apes,” “Escape from the Planet of the Apes,” “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes,” “Battle for the Planet of the Apes,” then the Tim Burton “Planet of the Apes,” then “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” and finally “War for the Planet of the Apes.

” – That is the totally correct order. – Wow. – So Ally, let's see how you did. – So I haven't seen any of “The Planet of the Apes.” (everyone laughs) But I did tuck my son in before I woke up to be on this show.

He was not happy that I was leaving. Then I went to my daughter's room and she was fast asleep. And I went to McDonald's on my way to work even though I promised myself I wouldn't. I haven't stopped doing that.

Empty calories at a time when you need energy. – Are you curious to know how many- – Absolutely not! (everyone laughs) I can see the colors on other people's boards. I would be shocked if I got one right.

– Did you at least start with the original “Planet of the Apes?” – Of course not! (everyone laughs) This one looks old as fuck. – Which one did you start with? – “Escape.” – [Mike] Okay. – All right, yeah, let's do this.

Tell me if I got one right. I have “Escape from the Planet of the Apes,” “Battle for the Planet of the Apes,” “Beneath the Planet of the Apes,” “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes,” “Planet of the Apes.

” (everyone laughs) “War for the Planet of the Apes,” “Planet of the Apes,” which I found out is the first one and I have it at seven. “Dawn,” “Rise.” – I like that you imagined “Planet of the Apes,” then “War for Planet of the Apes.

” And then they're like, “Let's just fuckin' reboot Planet of the Apes. “That one really wasn't working out.” Ally, I'm proud to say you have one correct. – Yeah! Which one? – You have “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” in the right spot.

– Cool. – [Fact Checker] You have “Dawn” as well. – [Mike] Oh, you have “Dawn” as well. – “Dawn” is correct? Second to last? – [Mike] You got two. You have two. – That's two points. (everyone laughs) – So that is a point for Gutz.

– Wow. – I only know the order because I have not seen all of the “Planet of the Apes,” however, I have watched the documentary of the making of the “Planet of the Apes” series multiple times. – I heard that was cool.

– It's amazing. Roddy McDowall hosts it. It's fascinating. But every time they come to the next movie, and then they're like, “And then the budget was half.” And they just keep talking about like, “Well, we just had no money to make a movie.

” But they wanted to make a movie. So let's take them to modern times. We'll put them in San Francisco so we don't need to build anything. And it just keeps getting worse and worse. And finally, like “The Battle for the Planet of the Apes” is essentially just them in a field with a school bus.

That's all they could afford. – I was gonna say this is the most budget one 'cause that's just straight up a woman's wig. (everyone laughs) This is a bob. And you were like, just don't cut it. We have to return it.

– I think that might actually have been Paul Williams' original hair. (everyone laughs) – Well, this brings us to our final question of the game. As always this concerns real life skills. (gaming music plays) As if it weren't hard enough already, when you're pregnant there are a number of restrictions on what you're supposed to eat.

If you're pregnant, it's recommended you limit your intake of or completely avoid consuming caffeine, tuna, alcohol, yogurt, sprouts, sushi, unheated deli meat, and soft cheeses. (bell chimes) Ally. – Um, actually, my girlfriend's a doula and would scream at that entire question because you're not supposed to limit any of those foods, but I know that's not the answer that you're looking for.

– That's not what most medical professionals would probably say. – But the grasping control of masculine doctors on the feminine natural process of birth is suffocating, and you can eat whatever the fuck you want.

You can smoke a joint and give birth in your own home. I love you. (everyone laughs) – Well, I don't think I'll give you a point for that, but I appreciate you- – Wow, Trapp! Wow! – I'm just a part of the patriarchy.

(everyone laughs) I'm here to refirm those girders. – I'm just gonna, wow. – That's fair, that's fair. (bell chimes) Shane. – Um, actually, sprouts are fine. – They're not. No they're particularly prone towards bacteria.

– Um, actually, yogurt is fine. – That's correct, yes. Yogurt is actually supposed to be really great. – It's fine. Just that one is fine. – Well, that makes Gutz our winner of this episode who will be rejoining us in a couple of episodes to play the other two winners of the other two episodes.

So we look forward to seeing you again soon, Gutz. Either two of you can fuck right off! Get outta here! But no, thank you very much for playing. Join us next time for even more pedantic corrections here on “Um, Actually.

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